Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup


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117 E. Lancaster Ave

Downingtown PA 19335


(610) 269-9336

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About Coffee Cup

A family tradition and a local favorite, the Coffee Cup has been a Downingtown fixture since 1958. Founded by the late Albert Menna, this family owned and operated diner prides itself on the fact that it has been staffed by nearly three generations of Mennas over the past 50 years. Rick Menna is the current owner of the Coffee Cup, and has been since it was handed  from his father down to him in 1987. Yet just like the family name has been passed down for years at the Cup, so has a quirky breakfast dish: the Mess.  The Mess is a unique, build it-yourself scramble of farm-fresh eggs, home fries, cheese, and your choice of breakfast meat and veggies. It's served hot off of an open grill, then piled high on a steaming plate - so make sure to grab some napkins, and come down to the Coffee Cup! 


Day Open Closed
Sunday 05:00 AM 12:00 PM
Monday 04:30 AM 03:00 PM
Tuesday 04:30 AM 03:00 PM
Wednesday 04:30 AM 03:00 PM
Thursday 04:30 AM 03:00 PM
Friday 04:30 AM 03:00 PM
Saturday 04:30 AM 02:00 PM