West Ward


Registered Democrats can vote for 2 candidates

ThomasNAME: Jeff Thomas

PARTY: Democrat

RUNNING FOR: Council (West)

OPPONENTS: Anthony Gazzerro (D), Patricia McGlone (D) and Tony Babcock (R/ Write-in)

DOB: 33

EDUCATION: West Chester University with a degree in Environmental Health and a minor in Biology.

OCCUPATION: I have been in the Environmental Industry for over 10 years and I am currently an Environmental Investigator that performs contract work for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


REASON FOR RUNNING/ ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I have been a Downingtown resident for 5 years.  Since moving here from West Chester I have an even greater appreciation for the Borough and all that it has to offer its residents.

I am looking for consideration to represent the West Ward on Borough Council because I want to become more involved with shaping the Borough.  I will bring my time and knowledge to support the Borough in a way that reflects our community members’ values and beliefs.  I will be open to all residents and their comments, concerns, and questions.

My main platforms are to

  • Protect environmental resources,
  • Evaluate ways to increase property values, and
  • Maintain vigilance in regards to increasing property taxes.

I have no personal projects or agenda in regards to my candidacy for Borough Council.  I want to simply make informed decisions on the topic that affect the Borough with the voices of my constituents heard.



NAME: Patricia C McGlone

PARTY: Democrat


OPPONENTS: Anthony Gazzerro (D), Jeff Thomas (D) and Tony Babcock (R/ Write-in)

DOB: 12/01/1951

EDUCATION: Boston College, BA Education, Indiana University/Perdue – Certificate in Fund Raising Management, Accredited in Public Relations

OCCUPATION: Director of Public Relations and Development, Downingtown Area School District, Executive Director – Downingtown Community Education Foundation

QUALIFICATIONS/ INVOLVEMENT: Downingtown Library – Garden Tour Home, former member of West Pikeland’s Emergency Management Team, Park and Recreation Committee and WP Newsletter Editor.  Former member – Chester County Voter Task Force and Chester County Women’s Commission

REASON FOR RUNNING/ ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: In the next few years the Amtrak/Septa station will move from the west end of the Borough into the center of town.  When this happens, it will be critical to have a strong leader on Council who is focused on the economic possibilities and safety of both the new and old sites.  I also feel my background in fund-raising and grant writing could help find alternative revenue sources to benefit our community. I look forward to helping with the Borough’s community newsletter.   I have enjoyed all Downingtown has to offer for many years.  I would like to pay back a little by becoming a member of Borough Council. 



NAME: Anthony (Chip) M Gazzerro

PARTY: Democrat


OPPONENTS: Patricia McGlone (D), Jeff Thomas (D) and Tony Babcock (R/ Write-in)

DOB: 01/25/1955

EDUCATION: Graduate Downingtown High School, Class of ‘72.  Graduate Vocational  School (Plumbing & Heating)

OCCUPATION: Owner of Progress Plumbing & Heating (Downingtown, PA)

QUALIFICATIONS/ INVOLVEMENT: 12 years experience on Downingtown Borough Council, currently President of Borough Council. Downingtown business owner (35 years)

REASON FOR RUNNING/ ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I am a life long resident of Downingtown. I feel that I’ve had a part in the many positive things that have happened in Downingtown in the past few years and I really want to see those positive improvements continue.  Downingtown is getting a good reputation as a community that is a great place to open a business and/or raise a family.




Registered Republicans can vote for 2 candidates

BrintonNAME: Brenda Brinton

PARTY: Republican


OPPONENTS: Tony Babcock (R/ Write-in)

DOB: 03/21/1960

EDUCATION: Widner University: Associate of Science Degree.  Hold the following licenses:

  • Personal & Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance License
  • Life & Health Insurance License
  • Real Estate Sales Associate License
  • Real Estate Sales Associate License in NJ


QUALIFICATIONS/ INVOLVEMENT: 12 Years of Service on Borough Council: 2 years as Council President and 6 years as Vice President (Current).  Various Committee and Commission work prior to Elected position.  Over that time I have helped achieve the following accomplishments for the Borough:

  • Implemented Borough-wide paving project
  • Achieved storm water improvements
  • Downingtown Water Authority Grants for Improvements
  • Refuse and Recycling grants for Toter System
  • Chestnut St Bridge Project
  • Fire Company relocation
  • Support for Roberts Auto Mall’s Renovation
  • Support for River Station Build out
  • Molly Maguires Restaurant
  • Outside Dining Georgio’s Restaurant
  • Business Development Grant for Liones Restaurant Expansion

REASON FOR RUNNING/ ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I am running for reelection in order to ensure the successful completion of some key initiatives like:

  • Complete the relocation of the Train Station for a stellar transportation Hub in the Core of Chester County
  • Build concept and Implement the creation of a broaden Downtown Business District from Boot Rd to Pennsylvania Ave
  • Facade and Street Improvements supporting enhancement of Wallace Ave
  • Complete the build out on the River Station Project
  • Support Milltown Market Developer to continue to improve site
  • Work to establish additional revenue streams to create sustainable growth for future generations


  • Peter Uhlman: Percheron Group
  • Sara Peck: Progressive Housing Ventures



Registered Republicans and/or Democrats can write-in candidates on their ballot

BabcockNAME: Tony Babcock

PARTY: Republican


OPPONENTS: Anthony Gazzerro (D), Patricia McGlone (D), Jeff Thomas (D) and Brenda Brinton (R)

DOB: 09/27/1969


  • Graduate of Springfield High School
  • Graduate of US Army Infantry School Ft. Benning Ga.
  • Graduate US Army Air Assault School Ft. Campbell Ky.

A lot of other boring Schools, Classes, and Military, awards and honors that no one wants to read about here.  If you really need to know or want to know meet me for a cup of coffee some morning.  I do not have any fancy degrees from a big name university. My family lives check to check and we do our best.  What I do bring, is about 19 years of paying taxes, and living in our town while my wife and I raise our family.  I have seen ALL of the changes in our town both good and bad.  For years I have gone to Borough council meetings and LISTENED.  I have at times stood up and spoke as well. I get involved.

OCCUPATION: Sales at Roberts Automall in Downingtown and Assistant in the Finance Department and Assistant Sales Manager for Honda

QUALIFICATIONS/ INVOLVEMENT: What can I say? I feel the most important qualification to run for any local office is asking yourself  the simple question.  Do you love the town you live in?  I can say with an honest heart, yes I do.  I love my town.  My wife and I have been  home owners  here for about 19 years and worked in the borough for 6 years.  My wife and I chose to raise our sons here and they have attended Downingtown schools since Kindergarten.  I have served my country in the US ARMY.  I can say that I am cool under pressure and I am very even tempered even in the most trying of circumstances.  My wife and I also lead a Bible study and am VERY involved at my church.  I am currently a commissioner on Historic and Parks for Downingtown, and have even committed to dress up as a character for the Ghost walk this year. Former Vice President of Johnsontown community group and currently my block representative.

REASON FOR RUNNING/ ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Why do I want to run?  I love my town.  I really want what is best for it.  As an elected official it is my job to carry out the will of the people I am representing.  It is not about me, I am there to give a voice for my neighbors in local government.   So I knock on doors and talk to the people in our town.  I have walked up and down almost every street in the West End and spoken to a great many people.  The over whelming theme is they do not want to keep seeing our taxes going up each year, they are sick of it.  The people are also concerned with the train station that is to come, and the West end being forgotten. 

ENDORSEMENTS: I purposely did not seek out any endorsements from any business or entity in this town.  As stated before it is not about me it is about the people I represent.  What I am seeking is that the people on the west end of town write my name, TONY BABCOCK, on the ballot May 21st.  

MORE INFO: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tony-Babcock-for-Downingtown-Borough-Council/298130050314617?fref=ts